Tips That Will Help You Find A Good Artificial Dog Grass


Keeping a dog in your home can result to destruction of your natural grass lawn Dogs waste usually have extreme effects on natural grass that in the end will destroy the grass.

On the other side the absence of a lawn will make your dog muddy and dirty.  It means that you should have a lawn that cannot be destroyed by the dog’s waste to ensure that your dog remains clean. It is only possible to achieve the two by having an artificial grass for dogs. Dog’s urine can drain easily through the artificial grass and the dropping can also be scooped easily.  Here are some of the factors to consider while choosing an artificial dog grass.

Ability of the grass to drain the liquid waste is the first thing that you need to consider.   The grass should have high drainage capability of the dog’s urine.  The veterinarian is the best person to go to for information relating to the drainage of the dog’s urine.

He/she will be able to guide you on the best kind of artificial grass that will drain your dog’s urine faster.  Apart from the veterinarian you can get information about the grass drainage form the manufacturing company.

The material from which the grass is made from also determines the quality of the grass.  You should not buy grass made from nylon since nylon is an absorbent.  Therefore, absorbing grass usually require regular cleaning of which is timeous.  You should also avoid nylon grass since they are usually abrasive and dense. You should go for grass that is purely made of polyethylene fibers.  Polyethylene fibers are preferred because of their durability that is contributed by being silky and soft.  To learn more about artificial grass, visit

Polyethylene fiber grass also has poor absorbing property allowing drainage of dog’s urine.  Another factor to consider is the durability of the grass that you are opting to buy. The durability of the grass can only be determined by doing research from other dog keepers and experts such as veterinarian.  You should avoid relying on information that you get from the manufacturer relating to the grass as it might not be the truth.

The manufacturer will only tell you positive features in the product and not the features that can make you not to buy. Returning the grass to the manufacturer after using it for some time will not be accepted. Grass that has in built spines are usually more durable and resistant to damage by the dog’s paws.  The surest way to avoid replacing your k9 turf frequently is buy going for a durable one.


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